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Canvas Board Paintings

Ideal to use as room decoration, the canvas board painting's within my Picture Decor range are very much 'IN' at the moment; It's good to offer them alongside my more traditional work! Rich, vibrant, thick acrylic paint has been used to create these pictures, (the sides of the boards are also painted). They will not require a mount or frame - simply hang them up! The medium grain, pre-primed cotton canvas boards I use are an excellent quality, chunky 35mm (about 1.5 inches) deep. Unless stated the paintings are no longer available. If there are any that you like, I would be happy to accept a commission for it! The paintings also lend themselves to be personalized.

Local Gallery


The main board sizes are:

178 x 125mm x 35mm (7" x 5")
305 x 305mm x 35mm (12" x 12")
406 x 152mm x 35mm (16" x 6")
406 x 305mm x 35mm (16" x 12")
406 x 406mm x 35mm (16" x 16")
610 x 610mm x 35mm (24" x 24")
762 x 508mm x 35mm (30" x 20")

Other sizes are available on request

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