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'Battery Stairs'
This commission was a watercolour I painted a few years back. The painting is based on a photo of a local landmark in Newcastle.

It is always a privilege and honour when I receive a commission for a painting. Your commission could be based on that special photograph we all have!

Send in the photo you would like as a painting. When finished, an image of the painting will be emailed to you for your approval. There is no deposit or hidden extras and no obligation to buy!

Commissions cost from just £80.




This was a Commission I had for a watercolour to be based on a pen and ink sketch drawn of the Kaorin Prisoner of War Camp in Thailand during the Second World War. Several sketches were hastily made by a Japanese P.O.W. onto handkerchiefs that were part of an aid drop made prior to their liberation. The handkercheifs were given to some of the pow's to serve as a reminder of their time there.


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